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As easy as it may seem to do very few of us brush our teeth as well as we could thankfully where there are mistakes there are ways to fix them 1 you pick the wrong brush how do you choose brushing your teeth is not just for a whiter smile and fresher breath its critical for your overall health when you brush you remove plaque a thin film of bacteria that sticks to your teeth and will create cavities gum disease and if you ignore it long enough will cause your teeth to fall outbrushing your teeth is an important part of your dental care routine for a healthy mouth and smile the ada recommends you brush your teeth twice a day with a soft bristled brush the size and shape of your brush should fit your mouth allowing you to reach all areas easilyhow do i brush my teeth with braces on i just got braces today theyre only on the top and im getting the bottom braces tomorrow so the dentist was in a rush and did not explain how to brush my teeth so im wondering do i just brush my teeth like normal should i gently brush itbrushing your teeth is the number one action you can take to ensure a healthy beautiful smile find information about brushing teeth at colgatecom and youll learn the right way to brush the type of toothpaste you should use and more

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