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Langstroths patent supplemented this with a cloth landing area supported on two wooden arms in langstroths patent although the hive as a whole was level the bottom board was slightly tilted toward the entrance so that liquid water would run out of the hiveearly life and family langstroth was born in philadelphia pennsylvania christmas day 1810 he graduated from yale university in 1831 and subsequently held a tutorship there in 1834 1835 after this he was pastor of various congregational churches in massachusetts including the south church in andover massachusetts in may 1836 from 1843 48 he served as pastor of second congregational popsport langstroth bee hive 10 frame 2 deep 2 medium beehive frames complete box kit with frames and wax foundations beehive bee house for beekeepers 10 frame 2 deep 2 medium complete box kit 33 out of 5 stars 29 22099 220 99 free shippinglangstroth hives are the most common hives used in north america and australia these hives are stacking rectangular boxes with removable frames for the bees to build comb in langstroth hive configuration is incredibly customizable allowing the beekeeper to stacked boxes of various heights to their likinglangstroths 1852 patent moveable comb hive was the first practical hive that allowed the beekeeper to examine any comb in a hive quickly and with minimal disruption to the bees completed hive side view his original design patented in 1852 looks complicated but its actually simple to build requiring only a few hand tools and a table

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