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Anxiety a very short introduction explains what anxiety is why it is a normal and vital part of our emotional life and the factors that cause it are we born with fears or do we learn them what purpose does anxiety serve how can we treat anxiety disorders whats happening in our brain when we feel fear insights are drawn from psychology neuroscience genetics epidemiology and anxiety a very short introduction is not intended primarily to be a self help book but the author provides a very accessible look at anxiety disorder which can enlighten and perhaps give hope to some of us who suffer from the illnessanxiety a very short introduction daniel freeman and jason freeman very short introductions a highly accessible introduction to one of the most basic human emotions summarizes the most up to date science and research on anxiety explores what anxiety is why it is so important and the main causes and explanations for iti am reviewing the book anxiety a very short introduction by daniel freeman et al which is a very good book this is a self help book to a stigmatizing illness many people with this ans associated illnesses like depression and ocd tend to get a rough deal in how the health service treats themthe last great mystery for science consciousness has become a controversial topic consciousness a very short introduction challenges listeners to reconsider key concepts such as personality free will and the soul how can a physical brain create our experience of the world

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