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Domestic sheep ovis aries are quadrupedal ruminant mammals typically kept as livestocklike most ruminants sheep are members of the order artiodactyla the even toed ungulatesalthough the name sheep applies to many species in the genus ovis in everyday usage it almost always refers to ovis ariesnumbering a little over one billion domestic sheep are also the most numerous species of sheepsheep ruminant cud chewing mammal of the genus ovisthe sheep is usually stockier than its relative the goat its horns when present are more divergent it has scent glands in its face and hind feet and the males lack the beards of goatssheep usually have short tails in all wild species of sheep the outer coat takes the form of hair and beneath this lies a short undercoat of fine about sheep basic sheep information how long do sheep usually live separating the sheep from the goats whats the difference between sheep and goatssheep shp n pl sheep 1 a a domesticated ruminant mammal ovis aries having a thick coat raised in many breeds for its wool edible flesh or hide b any of various wild ruminant mammals related to and resembling the domestic sheep such as the aoudad bighorn sheep and mouflon c leather made from the skin of one of these animals 2 a a sheep definition is any of various hollow horned typically gregarious ruminant mammals genus ovis related to the goats but stockier and lacking a beard in the male specifically one o aries long domesticated especially for its flesh and wool how to use sheep in a sentence

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