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Studying for your psychology courses can be a lot different than studying for some of your other college classes such as math and history while you can still use a lot of your tried and true study strategies you may find that you need to try out some new techniques in order to succeed in your psychology classescheck out some of these tips on how to study psychologystudy tips many of you have asked how to study effectively for this course below are a set of study tips originally compiled by former cornell psychology graduate student jeremy cone for students in a summer course who were asking him the same question they are based on tips provided by the psychologist david myers in his introductory psychology textbook see a video of myers study the diverse topics students might study include social behavior personality research methods therapeutic techniques and much morebecause psychology consists of such a broad range of topics it is important to develop ways of studying and mastering new theories and conceptspsychology is the science of behavior and mindpsychology includes the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena as well as feeling and thoughtit is an academic discipline of immense scope psychologists seek an understanding of the emergent properties of brains and all the variety of phenomena linked to those emergent properties joining this way the broader neuroscientific group of how to study psychology studying psychology is a great way to gain insight into the human condition and understand those around you to succeed in psych class take careful notes participate in studies and prepare for exams with study

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