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The psychology of pain george r hansen mda jon streltzer mdb adepartment of emergency medicine sierra vista regional medical center 1010 murray avenue san luis obispo ca 93405 usa bdepartment of psychiatry john a burns school of medicine university of hawaii 1356 lusitana street honolulu hi 96813 usa the perception of pain involves far more than mere sensationkeeping the pain at bay chronic pain can also lead to chronic pain syndrome where symptoms go beyond the pain itself and lead to the development of mental health conditions like depression and the psychology of pain is important but only if it acknowledges that there is a subjective aspect to pain it is true that there are some people who feel pain less acutely than others it is true that there are some people who perceive pain to be pleasurablethe psychology of pain although we can talk about pain as a sensory phenomenon in the same way that we talk about other sensory experiences such as seeing and hearing pain also manifests inherently emotional and motivational features as such the experience and reaction to pain is intimately related to the psychological state of the individualthe psychology of pain it is well known and accepted that your state of mind can have a significant impact on how you perceive and manage your pain there are many non medication strategies that can be used to gain some control over how you are affected by pain treating associated problems such as depression anxiety or insomnia which

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