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Multimedia learning practical ideas for designing better e learning by david anderson home creative e learning free checklist interaction for articulate storyline 20150918 by david anderson 4 comments checklist interactions are creative activities for listing out notes products steps review items and more i recently shared a series summary a cognitive theory of multimedia learning based on three main assumptions there are two separate channels auditory and visual for processing information there is limited channel capacity and that learning is an active process of filtering selecting organizing and integrating information originator richard mayer key terms dual channel limited capacity sensory working in multimedia learning second edition richard e mayer examines whether people learn more deeply when ideas are expressed in words and pictures rather than in words alone he reviews 12 principles of instructional design that are based on experimental research studies and grounded in a theory of how people learn from words and picturesfor hundreds of years verbal messages such as lectures and printed lessons have been the primary means of explaining ideas to learners in multimedia learning richard mayer explores ways of going beyond the purely verbal by combining words and pictures for effective teaching multimedia encyclopedias have become the latest addition to students reference tools and the world wide web is 12 principles of multimedia learning if you are designing a powerpoint presentation developing an online course or preparing to flip your classroom you may need to reconsider how you will get students to engage with the material without the traditional face to face interaction in the book multimedia learning

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