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The evolution of plants has resulted in a wide range of complexity from the earliest algal mats through multicellular marine and freshwater green algae terrestrial bryophytes lycopods and ferns to the complex gymnosperms and angiosperms of today while many of the earliest groups continue to thrive as exemplified by red and green algae in marine environments more recently derived groups 5 to provide an overview of the evolution of plants with particular emphasis on the evolution of land plants 6 to discuss some of the most notable of fossil plant species 7 to familiarize the student with herbaria and with the procedures for preparing herbarium specimensthe evolution of plants did you know that plants used to live only in water millions of years ago in fact they didnt even look like plants plants ancestors were simply algae eventually they evolved to find their way onto land and make use of a completely new environmentthe evolution of plants blends evidence from the fossil record and data from biomolecular studies to tell the story of plant evolution from the earliest forms of life to the present day focusing on the key events during the evolution of plants from the colonization of land to the first forests the emergence of seed plants to the evolution the evolution of plants second edition kathy willis and jennifer mcelwain the most accessible and contemporary book on plant evolution available brings together information from the plant fossil record with genotypic data from biomolecular studies to explore biological evolution in a coherent unified way

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