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Food rules an eaters manual michael pollan on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers 1 new york times bestseller a definitive compendium of food wisdom eating doesnt have to be so complicated in this age of ever more elaborate diets and conflicting health advicefood rules reviews jane brody the new york times in the more than four decades that i have been reading and writing about the findings of nutritional science i have come across nothing more intelligent sensible and simple to follow than the 64 principles outlined in a slender easy to digest new book called food rules an eaters manual by michael pollanfood rules an eaters manual is a 2009 book by michael pollan it offers 64 rules on eating based on his previous book in defense of food in three sections eat food mostly plants not too much apples are food twinkies are not the book attributes the diseases of affluence to the so called western diet of processed meats and food i picked up food rules an eaters manual because i have been searching for just this type of book for many of my clients as a new years gift i read the slim book quickly in a bookstore and it is the perfect present for my clients who are not eating healthy diets but who have confessed they wish tohowever when i saw food rules an eaters manual and read the review i knew that i had to have this and purchased it on a whim yesterday i then decided to briefly look at it on my kindle with a view to reading it at a future date did that happen no of course it didnt the fates had something else in store for me

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