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How to be a woman caitlin moran on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers caitlin moran is the profane witty and wonky best friend i wish i had shes the feminist rock star we need right now ayelet waldmanhow to be a woman is touted as basically feminism now with jokes and thats a concept that i could get onboard with i would consider myself a feminist i would consider myself moderately amusing at times and i would consider myself a fan of caitlin morans white streak in her wild mane a bit reminiscent of the 90s version of rogue so how to be a woman is a 2011 non fiction memoir by british writer caitlin moranthe book documents morans early life from teens until mid thirties including her views on feminismas of july 2014 it had sold over a million copieshere are the results from the how to be a woman writing challenge i posed at the end of last weeks how to be a man article a total of 52 submissions were received erin and i both read every single one of them by the time i was done i felt like id just completed a course in how to be a woman is a glorious timely stand against sexism so ingrained we barely even notice it emma brockes the new york times caitlin moran is a feminist heroine for our times i cant wait to give this book to my daughters zo heller

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